Basic Needs for College Students

All the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds today.     ~ Chinese Proverb

The ability to dream, live a productive life and achieve great things begins as a child.  The transition to become a  successful adult is sometimes challenging and needs support from a caring community. As part of our Kids’ Fund Project, For The Child partnered with Rashida Crutchfield, EdD, MSW and students from California State University, Long Beach to establish Basic Needs for College Students.  This scholarship of small emergency grants or grocery gift cards can make all the difference to enrolled CSULB students who need a little extra help. A few hundred dollars can make it possible to eat for a month instead of skipping meals or to make a deposit on a room instead of couch hopping or sleeping in their car.  We all know what it can be like to be sleep deprived or hungry, and what that does to our ability to function, learn and perform. Now, imagine that going on for weeks and months!

It’s devastating to be in this position and no one should be in this position. You should be able to get an education without all this stress. You should only have to worry about oh …did I get my homework done?  … did I do it right?  … That’s it, that’s it!  Not, …am I going to have a roof over my head?  … do I have any food?  I’m very grateful, very, very grateful for supports, to the point where, when I get back on my feet, I’m going to help find them for students like me… ~Katherine CSULB Student

Last year, 37,776 students were enrolled at California State University, Long Beach.  The goal to earn a degree, find a good job, and contribute further to their communities is only a few years away. Unfortunately, 1 in 10 of these students is likely to experience homelessness while on their collegiate journey, as reported in a report on the CSU system and in the LA Times.  While many receive financial aid, it is often inadequate to pay for all of the student’s tuition, housing, books, and food. Even beyond additional school loans, many students work several jobs and take high course loads while skipping meals or searching for a stable place to live. With your help, we can water and nourish the seeds of talented students like Katherine, so they can concentrate on their academics, pursue their dreams and experience the bouquet of college success.

To donate, select Basic Needs for College Students from the program menu on our Donate Page or identify Basic Needs for Students on the memo line of your check to For The Child.  

For scholarship information and application inquiries, please visit the CSULB Student Emergency Intervention and Wellness Program website.